Our mission is to provide to you the highest level of:
  • SECURITY - routine security checks guard against the "empty home" look
  • SAFETY - the safety of your home, family and guests is our goal
  • CONVENIENCE - quick response to phone calls or e-mails saves you time
  • PEACE OF MIND - our services let you relax and enjoy your time here
  • PROFESSIONAL - a professional attitude and appearance
  • PERSONALIZED - service is personalized for the individual homeowner and their home
Welcome Home! services include:

1.Call for housekeepers (if not already scheduled)
2. Air out home
3. Grocery shopping & put away
4. Flower/orchid arrangements (order/pick up/deliver)
5. Change ice in freezers
6. Open drapes
7. Turn on heat
8. Turn on lights
9. Turn on toilets (if water is off)
10. Turn on hot water heater (if turned down to “vacation”)
11. Put out patio furniture
12. Check propane level in gas grill
13. Cars wash & gas


1. Call for housekeepers (if not already scheduled)
2. Air out home
3. Remove leftover food items from refrigerator
4. Remove flower arrangements
5. Close drapes
6. Turn down heat
7. Turn off toilets
8. Turn down hot water heater
9. Re-stock firewood
10. Bring in patio furniture
11. Secure all windows & doors
12. Send out laundry


1. Doors & Windows (check for moisture)
2. Lights (replace bulbs as necessary)
3. Faucets/Angle Stops (check for leaks)
4. Toilets (check for leaks, swish, flush)
5. Showers (run water)
6. Tubs (run water)
7. Instant Hot (run until cool)
8. Cook top (check burner function)
9. Refrigerator/Freezer (check function/lights/ice)
10. Appliances (correct clock time)
11. Furnace (check operation/battery)
12. Firewood (re-supply as necessary)
13. Exterior Patios/Decks
14. Garage Doors (check function/lights)
15. Cars (start/run)
16. Check Mail Box (dispose of junk mail)
17. Landscape (check plants/sprinklers)
18. Supervise Landscapers
19. Supervise Housekeepers
20. Interface with HOA Representative


1. Cob Webs (interior/exterior)
2. Patios/Garage (clean w/blower)
3. Exterior Light Fixtures (clean as needed)
4. Locks/Cremone Bolts/Hinges (lubricate)
5. Soft Water Unit (check salt level/timer)
6. Hot Water Heater (check recirculating pump/timer)
7. Tubs (run jetted tubs)
8. Dishwashers (run thru cycle)
9. Washer (run thru cycle)

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